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Business Plan PowerPoint Template

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Download now and you’ll instantly receive a 60+ page dog daycare and boarding business plan PowerPoint template that allows you to compile and organize:

  • Your competitive analysis

  • Competitive advantages & market differentiators

  • How to demonstrate that your chosen location is primed for success

  • Your cost to open (capital investment)

  • Financing estimates & needs (equity and loans)

  • Financial plan— P & L and Balance Sheet

  • Pricing and promotions

  • Your Marketing Plan

  • Staffing structure template

Our 60+ page business plan PowerPoint template provides you with an easy way to create your own doggy daycare and boarding business plan. Fill it in with your own numbers and specifics, and you’ll have a plan that not only helps you feel prepared to start a business, but is also buttoned-up enough to show banks and potential investors.

Beyond our expertise in the pet care industry, we both spent years in corporate America and small businesses and have seen countless business plans. We know how to create one that will help you succeed.

(Please note that basic PowerPoint skills are required in order to use our business plan template.)


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Business Plan Template
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