Financial planning

Or: Exactly how many bones is this going to take?

For many people, there’s nothing that can turn the excitement of starting a new business into a middle-of-the-night cold sweat quite like financial planning.

Don’t worry. We can help.


Downloading our financial products (3-year budget template and financial comps) will provide a path for developing your financial plan. The 3 Year plan template is all set up for your inputs using the revenue and expense line items from an actual Pet Care resort. While it has very detailed monthly estimates for your input, summaries are also automatically calculated for more “big picture” presentations to banks or investors.

The comps are a great place to start getting a perspective on the cost structure in this industry— we share the real numbers from our business in the financial comps, as well as some recent industry data to help you estimate your own forecast in the 3 year budget template. We also show some building costs—our actual costs, and those from the building industry leading resource on building cost estimation.

For some of you, these tools and templates might be enough. But if numbers have never exactly been your strong suit (we get it: you love dogs, not accounting!), we can also provide hourly consulting services to walk you through the process of building your budget, step by step.

When using our Hourly consulting services, we’ll customize our time to any or all of the areas you need assistance

  • How to determine your capital budget and cash flow requirements (your up-front costs)

  • How to establish your own revenue model forecast

  • How to earn additional income from extra services like grooming, add-on services and retail

  • How to use your daycare space and office space as extra boarding spots

  • How to determine salaries for yourself, other owners and staff

  • How to present your financial plan to banks in order to obtain a loan and/or line of credit

Hold on to more of your treats

Hold on to more of your treats