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3-year Pet Resort Financial Plan Excel Template

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The downloadable 3-year financial plan template includes:

  • Fill-in-the-blank line items to help you develop your up-front expenses, Annual P & Ls, and capital requirements.

  • Ready-to-use revenue modeling, customizable based on your forecasted pricing and demand, as well as services offered.

  • 18-month cash flow forecasting template

  • A capital budgeting template

  • Automatically calculated summaries for presentation to banks and investors

  • Use this to estimate the revenue, expenses and capital requirements for a pet resort start-up and the first 3 years of operations.

Pet Resort Financial Comps

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The downloadable financial “Comps” include:

  • Actual profit & loss statements from our doggy daycare and hotel in Madison, WI.

    • 2 start-up years and 2 “mature” years

    • All years shown in both dollars and as a percentage of revenue

    • Actual numbers on over 100 revenue and expense line items, including management and labor costs (the #1 expense in this industry), and the owner’s salary.

    • How much we spent in each expense category (this gives you a credible baseline when filling out your 3-year financial plan template and when speaking with investors).

    • Financial data from industry survey

  • Monthly and quarterly revenue numbers so you can see fluctuations throughout the year and the rate of growth in the early years of a business.

  • Our balance sheet--showing our full land, facility and buildout costs

  • An estimated current cost to build a 7,500 ft facility; utilizing the leading industry database. All cost estimates shown in actual and $ cost per sq. ft. You can also contact Best in Show Consulting for a price to customize this estimate to your location and building size.

  • Use this to see what a real pet resort made and spent for 4 years of business, and utilize our numbers to assist in the development of your financial plan template for categories that are new to you or difficult to forecast.


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A natural question to ask when starting your new business is: what’s the profitability of a dog daycare or pet resort? And: how much do doggy daycares make? While we don’t have a crystal ball for your business, we share with you the real numbers from our own pet resort: both from those crucial first years, and later once we were more established as a business. We’ve also got an easy-to-use financial plan template to help you develop your own numbers.

Our financial package comes in two parts: a 3-year financial plan template that allows you to fill in your own numbers for your own estimates. The second part is the financial comps, or what we actually made and spent on our business, including costs to build, so you can get a sense of how the financials can shake out for a dog daycare and boarding business.


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