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Pet Resort Design Best Practices & Sample Floor Plans

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Our dog daycare floor plans and dog boarding floor plans include design principles and best practices for the pet industry. This is a visual presentation to illustrate some important “do’s and don’ts” for your facility, including :

  • Dos and don’ts of layout and design

  • Safety for the dogs and the staff

  • Efficiency for the staff

  • Odor control / Sound control

  • Comfort for dogs of all sizes

  • Sanitation, protecting both the health of the dogs and the staff

  • Operational efficiency, allowing for maximum capacity while still giving each pup plenty of room to roam

  • Optimized for the traffic flow of both dogs and staff

  • Also includes 8 sample floor plans for idea starters

As you develop a vision for your pet resort, sitting down and sketching out a floor plan design can seem like one of the fun parts. But if you’re starting from scratch, it can also be an area where simple mistakes on paper become expensive mistakes in real life (especially if you’re paying an architect for multiple design rounds). Remember, you don’t know what you don’t know in this area! Using our sample floor plans and design principles, you’ll have a leg-up on entire design process.

Download our Pet Resort Floor Plans & Design Principles as an idea starter and a gut check during the design phase.


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“Best in Show Consulting proved to be a valuable resource for us during the design stages of our dream pet care facility. The health, safety and comfort of dogs were our main priority.”
— -Traci Whiteside, Owner, Club Canine

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