Policies & Procedures and Operational Template Packages

“If you’re going to invest in just one area of your operation, this is it!…..” Renee

Writing policies and procedures can be a daunting and time consuming task that is critical to running your operation. I wish tools like these manuals we developed would have been available when I started Ruffin’ It Resort- they would have made us operationally efficient right out of the gate. These have made my entire team’s tasks go smoothly and as effortlessly as possible.

It took us years to write and optimize these policies & procedures to ensure it has the best learning that we, and the industry, has available.  Together, the Policies and Procedures and the Operational templates are over 550 pages, organized by topic. These were created specifically for Ruffin’ It Resort but can be easily edited for your specific operation. Watch a video demo of these products and see how they work together to help you run an efficient, buttoned-up resort.

They are come in word and powerpoint formats, ready for you to edit and customize to your operation. You’ll receive an electronic version of the documents, to allow for inclusion of your logo, as well as easy editing to customize it to your resort.

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The Manager’s Administrative
Operations Handbook

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  • Organizational structure, job descriptions & duties

  • Hiring new team members and handling meetings, morale, reviews, attendance & discipline

  • Scheduling, payroll, and emergency procedures

  • Effective communication with pet parents & follow-up phone calls

  • How to handle incident reports & incident report templates

  • Communication reference sheet & best practices for effective communication

  • Ruffin’ It Resort Tour Guide

  • TEMPLATES for training, performance appraisals, employee recognition awards, team member suggestion form, team member communication form, team member warning notice, exit interview form, request for time off, shift change request form, time punch adjustment form, variance sheet, hazard observation notification, team member accident form, and payroll action form.

  • Word document- simply customize for your petcare resort

  • Bonus: Includes Team Member & Leadership Expectations PowerPoint presentation, a great coaching tool

We recommend that you use this in tandem with the Human Resources Toolkit for Managers for a complete look at tools & procedures at the managerial level.

The Client Services Operations Handbook

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  • Your front desk team are the ambassadors of your resort and can make or break your success. Train & grow your client services specialists quickly & easily

  • Client services daily operations

  • Client services communications

  • Success in the client services role & relational marketing. Step by step to upsell and cross sell your clients to increase revenue. Get them comfortable in creating the best experience possible for your client.

  • Reservations best practices

  • TEMPLATES for pet enrollment packet, release and waiver of liability, client services communication log, dog incident report, customer relations report, daycare amenities list, tours sign-up sheet, tours sign-in sheet, hotel rates guide, additional services form, alternate check-out form, vaccination reminder card, daycare cancellation reminder, resort rental agreement, cash countdown log, client services cleaning tasks, daily opening tasks, daily closing tasks, 5 star client service checklist

  • Word document- simply customize for your petcare resort

  • Bonus: includes PowerPoint presentation highlighting relational marketing & upselling titled ‘How to Become a Top Dog Upgrades Expert’ - a great training tool

Click above to see a video demo of this product.

Click above to watch a video demo of this product.

The Hotel Operations Handbook

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  • Hotel daily operations (caretaker & shift responsibilities)

  • Caring for hotel guests (arrival, feeding, medicating, monitoring, potty breaks, special behavioral needs, patio use, exercise, grooming, health checks & tuck-in service, ill guests, and departure of guests)

  • Hotel cleaning

  • Hotel communications (internal communication & client communication)

  • Daycare support & working as a team

  • Pooches in Pajamas (kennel-free boarding groups) guide

  • TEMPLATES for hotel daily task list, weekly hotel cleaning task list, hotel communications log, hotel feeding log, dog incident report, potty schedule, guest wellbeing checklist, hotel report card, private guest hotel report card, boo-boo report, Pooches in Pajamas report card, Canine College report card, massage report card

  • Word document- simply customize for your petcare resort

The Dog Daycare Operations Handbook

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  • Dog daycare daily operations

  • Caring for daycare guests (overview, daycare socialization assessments, arrival of daycare guests, daycare canine caretaker’s role, departure of daycare guests)

  • Daycare cleaning

  • Daycare communications (communicating with clients, report cards, internal communication)

  • Saturday playgroups for pet parents

  • TEMPLATES for daycare task list, daycare communications log, dog socialization assessment, dog incident report, paw wax list, no treats list, coprophagia list, daily cleaning tasks, weekly cleaning tasks, daycare report card, football Saturday daycare report card, boo-boo report, Canine College report card, customer relations report

  • Word document- simply customize for your petcare resort

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That’s about as comprehensive as it gets! The policies, procedures, & operational templates truly has everything you need to get your pet resort up and running. They come ready to customize in a Word document so you can easily add your logo and do any editing/changes that you desire.

Please note: You must have Microsoft Word and basic Word editing skills in order to download and use these products and templates. For the handbooks that include the PowerPoint presentation, you must have the Microsoft PowerPoint program and basic PowerPoint editing skills.


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