Kennel Design Best Practices & Sample floor Plans

Or: How to make it five stars for Fido

Pet resort design is one of our passion areas: we feel strongly that pet resorts should be comfortable, welcoming, and safe for furry friends of all sizes. Nobody wants to leave their beloved fur babies somewhere that “smells like a kennel” or makes you shudder just by looking around at all the chain link fences.

Design it right the first time for the comfort of the dogs, efficiency for your employees, and to save money

Whether you’re renovating an existing space or building something new, we’re well-versed in the best practices of efficient dog kennel plans and the best available materials for pet care and comfort. Our Kennel Design Best Practices & Sample floor Plans is a visual presentation to illustrate some important “do’s and don’ts” for your facility. You can only “do it right the first time” once! Also, check out our downloadable materials & supplier list for our complete list of preferred vendors and sources for products, materials vendors, and all-things pet-friendly).

We can also work with you on an hourly basis to review your facility Plan. As your personal resort design consultants, we’ll help you with:

  • Best practices for building design & layout

  • Assistance with selection of building materials

  • Interior decor recommendations

  • Exterior play-yard design & layout

  • Exterior materials selection

  • Sanitation & security recommendations

  • Play-yard amenities: toys, equipment, etc.

  • Assistance/feedback/direction during construction

  • Overview & recommendations on bedding, equipment, supplies and other durable amenities


With guidance like this, we would have saved thousands of dollars (and countless headaches) on kennel design by doing it right the first time. We’ve even been hired by architects directly to share our secrets of the trade.

Lounging at Ruffin’ It Resort

Lounging at Ruffin’ It Resort