Facility Design & Cost Estimator

Or: No bones about it: you’re gonna need an estimate

When it comes to starting a pet daycare and boarding, facility costs are by far the top item in the capital budget.

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Without a good, solid estimate on the cost of building or renovating your space, you could be in for a big surprise. And surprises in the budget are something that neither you, nor any banks you’re working with, will want to see. Conversations with architects and builders can be costly and take time, but we can generate a reasonable estimate for you in just a few days. It can also provide you a basis for comparison when getting hard estimates from your local builders.

Using a highly trusted cost estimating source, we help you:

  • Localize your building estimate to your location (we can do this for more than 970 locations across the country)

  • Compare costs by building size, with highly detailed estimates that can be adjusted for different building and material options

  • Estimate costs by square foot, allowing you to explore multiple building options

  • Receive an estimated price breakdown including material, labor, and equipment costs


Together, these numbers help you paint a picture of your facility costs so you can feel confident going into conversations with the banks, as well as having a point of reference when talking to you local builders and contractors.

Build the resort of your dreams

Build the resort of your dreams