So: how do you start a dog daycare or boarding facility?

First thing’s first: you must love dogs. Got that covered? Perfect. We’re here to walk you through the rest. Browse through the essential stages of setting up a dog daycare business and planning for a boarding resort below. We can help with any or all of them, depending on how much assistance you feel you need.

There is an old philosophical question—”How do you eat an elephant ?” The answer is “one bite at a time”. This parable in effect says you have to break a big project down into manageable pieces. Our staged process provides you the tools to do this. You can use them by yourself, or we can assist you on an hourly basis. Our products can be purchased 1 at a time if you wish, so you don’t have to buy any products until you need them.. You are in control.

Getting started: Opportunity barks!

Two-thirds of American households have pets (increasing at a rate of 2.2% annually), and each year $60 billion is spent keeping those kitties and doggos happy and healthy. Spending on pets is at an all-time high: thanks, in large part, to the millennial generation and their appetite for specialized services. And any pet parent will tell you that their pups are simply part of the family, and deserve the very best in care and comfort.


Business planning

Helping you build a solid business plan is one of our strengths: we both have MBAs and spent years in corporate America before running a pet resort for 10 years. We combine our pet industry knowledge with business best practices to help you impress the banks.


Kennel/Daycare/resort design

If you’re planning on building or buying a facility, you’ll want to consider kennel and daycare design. Check out our downloadable dog daycare floor plans to start. They highlight many “dos and don’ts” regarding materials and designs. We also, on an hourly basis, can serve as consultants for your architects and build team.

Financial planning

Beyond our financial planning templates, and our Comps data showing our, and some industry cost data, we also offer hourly consulting services to help you estimate what your revenue and expenses will look like based on your specific facility, capacity, and services.


Estimating facility costs

New! We can help you determine a preliminary estimate of what the pet resort you’re dreaming of might cost down to the square foot--without having to engage the time (and cost) of architects or contractors.


In addition to consulting services, we offer a range of downloadable dog daycare business forms, from a materials & suppliers guide to policies & procedure templates that can help you get up and running even faster.