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Traci Whiteside

Traci Whiteside

“Best In Show Consulting proved to be a valuable resource for us during the design stages of our dream pet care facility. The health, safety and comfort of dogs were our main priorities. When Steve and Renee quickly showed that this was their top concern as well, we knew we had the right consultants working with us.

Best In Show Consulting took our initial floor plan and made recommendations for changes that have saved us money and made us money. Their recommendation to add patio suites to our lodge was spot on. These suites sell faster than all other room types and stay booked during summer and holiday periods.

In addition to recommendations about everything from storage to sound control, Best In Show Consulting also introduced us to industry specific products and suppliers. The sanitation equipment they recommended for us works great in keeping our facility clean and germ free.  

We are very pleased with the way Steve and Renee helped with the design of our new state-of-the-art facility. They are professional, experienced, and genuinely nice people.  They truly care about helping our business succeed.

We highly recommend Best in Show Consulting to anyone considering building a pet care facility. By utilizing this service, we were able to build a facility that is proving to be efficient and effective in meeting our client’s needs. Most importantly, the dogs are happy!”


-Kenny & Traci Whiteside

Owners, Club Canine, Granite Falls, NC

Jessica Lohry’s Dogwoods Lodge

Jessica Lohry’s Dogwoods Lodge

“Best in Show Consulting was an irreplaceable asset in the creation of my $2 million kennel. I found their greatest help was in the financial planning that helped me secure the loan I needed. I didn’t even know where to begin a thorough budget for the opening of a new luxury kennel.

The other thing we found to be extremely helpful was their Policies & Procedures. Even though we do things a little differently at our facility, it has been such a huge help to have the P&Ps as a guide to start from.

There are so many details to think about when opening a business, having 1000s of them already thought-through and laid out is awesome. They also gave my general manager and I a crash course in running a kennel, which was a great comfort in the weeks prior to opening.

It gave us a comfort level and a knowledge base we needed to start off on the right foot.

Since then, i have used them for miscellaneous questions (IE: moments of panic) that have come up. And, I can tell you, it is very nice to have fellow professionals to confer with in times of uncertainty.

In conclusion, I would, of course, recommend Best in Show Consulting.


-Jessica Lohry

CEO/General Manager & Founder, Dogwoods Lodge, Des Moines, IA



“I just want to say thanks for your excellent assistance. Shelly and I knew why we chose you because, as your name states, you are the BEST! We greatly appreciate your expertise in developing and implementing our business plan. The banks were extremely impressed. We obtained financing in this most difficult environment. We couldn’t have done it without you.

Now that we are in our second phase: building and planning the details of our business, your expertise has been invaluable. Not only are you extremely knowledgeable but lots of fun to work with. Thanks for everything.”


-Donna & Shelly

The Green Leaf Pet Resort & Hotel

Saq Nadeem

Saq Nadeem

“There are many moving pieces to creating a premium facility. I realized the value-added that Best in Show Consulting could provide. We wanted to do things right the first time and avoid costly mistakes while remaining on the fast track to opening our doors for business.

Renee and her team helped us in a number of areas: consulting, Human Resources turnkey customized manuals, and Policies, Procedures & Templates. The time and effort we would have expanded on these areas would have set us back and been costly. The materials and knowledge provided by Best in Show allowed me to concentrate on other areas of the business.

Renee and her team were wonderful to work with (fun people), patient and very knowledgeable. They listened and understood our needs. When our doors opened, we were ready to hit the ground running. I’d recommend their services to anyone creating a luxury facility. Thank you, Best in Show!!”

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-Saq Nadeem

Paradise 4 Paws, Chicago, IL


Ruffin’ It Resort is the best facility of its kind I have ever encountered.”

-Dr. Roger Abrantes

World-Renowned Ethologist and author of Dog Language, The Evolution of Canine Social Behavior, and Dogs Home Alone

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