Creating a business plan

Or: Getting all your bones in a row

A business plan is the backbone of any new business, and a good one can mean the difference between obtaining financing and launching successfully versus never opening at all.

Creating a dog daycare business plan and/or dog boarding business plan also gives you the opportunity to think through your potential strengths and weaknesses before you commit. Helping you build a solid business plan is one of our strengths--we both have MBAs and spent years in business before starting our own.

If you’re interesting in business planning, we recommend you start by downloading our business plan template and financial planning package. If you’re a DIYer or have a business background, these tools may be enough for you, but we’re always available for one-on-one consulting services to help you customize your business plan on an hourly, as-needed basis.



When you utilize our consulting services, we help you develop a dog daycare and/or dog boarding business plan that includes:

  • A competitive review of your area

  • Competitive advantages & market differentiators

  • Why your chosen location & resort is primed for success (and meets zoning requirements)

  • Your cost to open (capital investment)

  • Financing estimates & needs (equity and loans)

  • Pricing and promotions

  • Staffing structure

  • Profit & loss estimates for years 0 through 3

  • All of the above will be compiled in a presentation, ready to show banks or potential investors